How Compatibility Checks are Conducted

Thank you for your interest in the Open Composable Compliance Lab! I would like to briefly explain exactly how the compatibility checks are conducted. To start out, our lab is located in Western Digital’s facility in Colorado Springs, CO. Ideally you will accompany any resource (device) you want to be tested in the OCCL, but if that is not possible we can make accommodation to test it for you and provide remote access if necessary.

Consider the table below as a way to abstract the infrastructure. The lab is up and running with Compute, Fabric (Ethernet NIC and Switch), and Flash devices. FPGA, GPU, Memory, and Disk devices are not currently available and are optional for our testing.

Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN)

Any resource (device) in a running compliance test environment can be replaced with a Device-Under-Test (DUT). A new ethernet NIC for example could be swapped into the compliance test environment for one that has already been certified. The test suite is executed, results are captured, and pass/fail on all tests is determined. The resulting test report is available for the provider of the new NIC. As long as the provider is willing to have the results published on our Partners page, they are added to the existing table of compatible devices.

A device may pass one or all of these categories of tests:

Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN)

If a test is expected to pass but does not, we will make time available for debug & fix and then re-test your device. 

Over time, we expect to have additional devices and additional tests (TCP for example) added to the infrastructure and test suite.  Providers of devices are welcome to re-test their devices every 6 months or as needed based on the changing infrastructure and/or test suite.  Note that we also use a mix of CentOS, RHEL, and Ubuntu with the latest NVMe™ and NVMe-oF™ drivers.  As these drivers, O/S, and kernels get updated we make a reasonable attempt to keep the lab on those updated releases. 

Please feel free to send us any questions on your specific compatibility testing plan.