Lab Participation


The Open Composable Compatibility Lab was created by Western Digital and our partners with 5 key objectives in mind

Creators of fabric attached devices (Compute, FPGA, GPU, Memory, Flash, Disk, Network) are invited to bring their solutions to the OCCL for compatibility testing. The OCCL includes multiple running equipment sets interconnected via 100GbE that have been demonstrated to work efficiently together. A setup typically consists of a network switch (fabric), multiple servers with high speed ethernet NICs installed, an O/S configured for RoCE and NVMe-oF per server (compute), a Western Digital F3x00 fabric device (flash storage), and possibly other fabric attached devices (GPU, FPGA, Disk, etc.). Any element of this set of equipment can be swapped out for the device under test, or a device under test can be added to the set whichever is more appropriate. We will execute the suite of data path compliance tests on your device and provide a formal test report. Time will be made available for run-break-fix testing if possible.

Creators of Software Defined Storage and/or Orchestration solutions are invited to bring their solutions to the OCCL for API compatibility testing. Solutions that have consumed the Open Composable API can test with our suite of compatibility tests to confirm they are appropriately creating REST based API queries as well as properly formed responses to queries from other sources.

The OCCL is available for multiple providers of fabric devices and/or SDS and Orchestration solutions to validate their products work together in a neutral environment. This allows customers to confidently purchase disaggregated solutions knowing they will work together and that all interoperability questions are answered prior to their purchase. Similar to “Plugfests” and other industry-wide interoperability events, different elements are brought together in the OCCL environment and tested for compatibility with each other as well as adherence to the Networking Best Practices guidelines.

Although initiated by Western Digital, a key strategy of the OCCL is that it brings industry leaders together. Whether you have fabric devices, SDS Solutions, or Orchestration the OCCL is a place for you to communicate your partnership with customers and the rest of the ecosystem. Companies and products that have passed any level of compatibility testing are welcome to have that indication on (link to partners page) as well as use of the appropriate compatibility logo in your marketing.

Western Digital thanks our sponsors Broadcom, Mellanox, and Cumulus for making the OCCL a reality. You will find equipment and software from these sponsors at use in the lab, and will gain experience using it during your visit to the OCCL.