Open Composable Compatibility

Open Composable Compatibility

The Open Composable Compatibility test suite is the mechanism to confirm your solution is compatible with other elements of the open composable ecosystem. The OCCL includes multiple running equipment sets interconnected via 100GbE that have been demonstrated to work efficiently together.

A setup typically consists of a network switch (fabric), multiple servers with high speed ethernet NICs installed, an O/S configured for RoCE and NVMe-oF per server (compute), a Western Digital F3x00 fabric device (flash storage), and possibly other fabric attached devices (GPU, FPGA, Disk, etc.). Any element of this set of equipment can be swapped out for the device under test, or a device under test can be added to the set whichever is more appropriate.

The focus of this compatibility check is on the data path. Does the device under test comply with the data center bridging settings used with other elements of the equipment set? If not, what needs to be adjusted? The equipment set is tested under congested network conditions designed to emulate your real world data center traffic.


  • A NIC from a server can be removed and replaced with a new NIC to be tested
  • A GPU device can be added to an existing equipment set and be tested 
  • Network cables can be swapped with new cables to be tested 
  • A flash device can be swapped with an F3100 and tested


Entrance Criteria


Run/Break/Fix Opportunities

  • Should you fail a test, time may be made available to make changes to your design and re-test
  • Time available will be based on the lab schedule at the time
  • Follow-up test sessions may need to be scheduled
  • You should plan to have resources available both on-site and remote to efficiently fix and re-test


Available Tests

  • For RoCE V2 capable devices
    - Global Pause
    - Priority Flow Control
    - Priority Flow Control with Explicit Congestion Notification 
  • For TCP capable devices (coming soon)
    - TCP
    - DcTCP
  • For all devices
    - Dual Path with Single Switch topology
    - Spine & Leaf topology
    - Network Routing
  • Telemetry Data Collection
    - Validate various counters
    - Confirm the network is lossless
    - Performance measurements
Test Criteria for Open Composable Compatibility

Compatibility Certification

  • Upon successful completion of any / each test category you are awarded a compatibility acknowledgment
  • Products may be listed on the OCCL web site as Open Composable Compatible
  • Network cables can be swapped with new cables to be tested 
  • Open Composable Compatible Logo may be used in your marketing and branding
Open Composable Compatibility