OC API Compatibility

Open Composable API Compatible

The OC API was developed to enable composition of virtual systems from disaggregated hardware. Composable infrastructure is a category of datacenter infrastructure that seeks to disaggregate compute, storage, networking, and memory fabric resources into shared resource pools that can be available for on-demand allocation (i.e., “composable”). Composability occurs at the software level, disaggregation occurs at the hardware level.

What is the Open Composable API?

  • New open composability API designed for data center composability 
  • Scalable Resource-Oriented Architecture 
  • Disaggregated Element Model 
  • Element-to-Element communication to enable self-organizing virtual systems 


Why is the Open Composable API different?
The Open Composable API is designed for an environment where key data center resources are peer elements that cooperate to achieve a desired business objective.

Open Composability API Tenets

  • No Physical Systems, only Virtual Systems 
  • Each Device provides a resource that is offered over the network 
  • No established hierarchy, CPU doesn't "own" the GPU, Memory, or Storage 
  • All Devices offer control path composability via the Open Composable API (OC-API) 
  • All Devices are peers on the network and communicate with each other (discovery, etc.) 


Entrance Criteria 

  • OCCL is able to test your compatibility with the OC API specification available at: https://www.opencompute.org/documents/open-composable-api-for-ocp-2019-06-24-pdf
  • Your solution should be designed to respond to or generate the queries and URI patterns defined in this document based on the type of fabric device you are designing (System, Storage, Compute, Network, Memory, or Chassis). 
  • Orchestration solutions should be capable of communicating to all fabric device types, creating queries, interpreting the responses from devices, creating virtual systems, and freeing up resources from virtual systems when the system is no longer required. 

OC API Emulator

  • Your personal emulator will be made available to which you can send OCAPI queries and receive specification compliant responses
  • Any virtual systems built from the available resource pool will be yours and will only be modifiable by you
  • WDC flash devices as well as generic compute, fabric, memory, and storage devices are modeled in the emulator


Develop and Test Your Applications with the Open Composable API Emulator

The Open Composable API provides a framework for fabric attached devices to be orchestrated into composed systems. The emulator will respond to supported commands as any API compliant device would respond

Request Access here: https://www.westerndigital.com/partners/open-composable-partner-access


Run/Break/Fix Opportunities

  • Should you fail a test, time may be made available to make changes to your design and re-test
  • Time available will be based on the lab schedule at the time
  • Follow-up test sessions may need to be scheduled
  • You should plan to have resources available both on-site and remote to efficiently fix and re-test


Available Tests

  • REST API based query and response testing for fabric attached devices implementing OC API
  • Physical and logical (virtualized) representations of each resource type
  • Virtual system composition
  • Virtual system tear-down & return of resources to the available pool


Compatibility Acknowledgement

  • Upon successful completion you are awarded a compatibility acknowledgement
  • Open Composable API Compatible Logo may be used in your marketing and branding
  • Products may be listed on the OCCL web site as Open Composable API Compatible
Open Composable API Compatible